Massoth DiMAX DCC 1202B Dual 6 Amp Digital Booster 8137501


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Massoth DiMAX DCC 1202B Digital Booster 8137501

The DiMAX 1202B Digital Booster is a powerful state-of-the-art booster. Two separate power outlets feature 6 amps each offering enough power for two separate track sections on a model train layout.


The DiMAX 1202B digital booster is a modern and powerful digital booster. With two separate power amplifiers, each with 6 amps driving current, it offers sufficient reserves for 2 additional track sections on the model railroad layout. If the 6 amperes per track section are not sufficient, both output stages can be connected on the output side to form a power output stage with 12 amperes. The track voltage can be set in 5 steps: 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22 volts. A switching power supply with 18-24 volts (DC) and sufficient power (at least 12A) is required for the power supply, e.g. the DiMAX 1200T switching power supply (8135501) with up to 15 amps peak power. All desired settings are made with easy-to-use buttons on the front of the booster.

With the different connection options, the booster can be used for most digital systems:

Booster bus socket for connection to Massoth / DiMAX digital centers
Booster bus socket for connection to LGB MZS II and III digital centers
CDE terminal (e.g. for Lenz, Tams, etc.)

LocoNet with a Digikeijs DR5039
Märklin CAN * (for operation on Märklin CS 2 / CS 3) is fully integrated from year of construction 2019 (novelty 2019)
Direct track signal tapping via terminal C, D for all digital centers that do not provide a usable booster bus

It can be used regardless of the data format and can therefore also be used with Motorola, Selectrix, etc. in addition to NMRA / DCC. The booster supports the following operating modes:

Normal driving / booster mode
Brake booster function with active function command transmission
Märklin CAN / MfX *

* The booster can be operated as a driving booster at the Märklin CS II / III Central Station. The matching connection cable 8312086 DiMAX Booster CAN bus cable for Märklin CS is not included in the scope of delivery. The MfX feedback is not yet available and should be upgraded with an additional module at a later time.