Massoth DiMAX ~ Detection Feedback Module ~ 8 Channel ~ 8170001


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Massoth DiMAX ~ Detection Feedback Module ~ 8 Channel ~ 8170001

Use the DiMAX feedback to monitor the position of your trains with PC control software. In combination with a DiMAX Digital Central Station these components may be utilized for automatic functions as well (digital shuttle operations, operate switches and signals automatically and trigger driving commands for your trains directly). The unit guards up to 8 contacts. The feedback contacts are individually programmable by CV programming. Compatible with LGB MTS II & III. May be retrofitted with a DiMAX feedback R/C transmitter.



The DiMAX© feedback module is used to detect events on the model railway system, e.g. the signal of a train on a certain track or the feedback of a turnout. The module monitors 8 contact inputs for changes. In the event of a switching change at an input, a command is sent to the central unit on the control bus. This can cause different actions depending on the programming of the module. Either a switch is switched directly, an automatic function is started in the DiMAX central station or the feedback is forwarded to a PC. After tripping, the corresponding contact is blocked for approx. 2 seconds to suppress possible bouncing (multiple switching) of reed switches.

Latest firmware

The software version is constantly being expanded. Further functions (extension for connection of occupancy detectors or use of direction-dependent releases) are in preparation and can be activated later via update. You can find the newest firmware in our Massoth Service Tool.

Now radio feedback

Use our radio feedback (8133701) to send the data to your control panel by radio. Simply install the latest firmware, plug in the radio feedback and you can save yourself annoying wiring effort.