Massoth DiMAX Receiver For Navigator With XpressNet & LocoNet 8130101


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Massoth DiMAX Receiver for XpressNet and LocoNet 8130101

The DiMAX R/C Receiver for XpressNet and LocoNet offers the possibility to operate the DiMAX Navigator with digital operated layouts that run with XpressNet and LocoNet systems. Up to four Navigators may connect to one single receiver. With two seperate bus connections the receiver may connect either to a XpressNet or LocoNet operated central station. The radio range of up to 50m allows barrier free operation. State-of-the-art technology allows software upgradebility to extend products features in the near future.

DiMAX Wireless Receiver for XpressNet®
With the DiMAX radio receiver for XpressNet® we present you a very special innovation. The DiMAX radio receiver for XpressNet® enables the use of the popular DiMAX Navigator on digital systems controlled by the XpressNet® control bus protocol.

Functionality and range
The radio receiver allows the operation of up to 4 DiMAX navigators via radio. The radio receiver is connected to the XpressNet® bus of the digital central station via a socket. The power supply is already provided via the digital bus. An additional voltage source is not required. A range of approx. 50 metres allows trouble-free operation in any position. Even unexpected radio interference is optimally provided for, four different radio frequencies can be set and thus interference from other devices can be avoided.

Always informed
With the activity LED you are always informed about the current status of the radio receiver. A simple and understandable flashing code of the LED signals the operating status at any time.

Stable value and future security
The DiMAX radio receiver for XpressNet® – equipped with the latest technology – can be updated at any time by means of a software update. This means that future expansions of the bus functionality and range of functions will also be possible without any problems.