MTH S Gauge #3 Remote Control Switch Turnout Left Hand 35-1019

$69.95 $63.23


MTH S Gauge #3 Remote Control Switch Turnout Left Hand 35-1019

$69.95 $63.23

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MTH S Gauge #3 Remote Control Switch Turnout Right Hand 35-1018


STrax switches are fully compatible with all other STrax components and feature all the prototypical detail and accuracy that are the hallmarks of the line. Featuring durable metal 155# Code 125 Solid Nickel-Silver “T” Section Rails strong enough to stand on and a built-in roadbed for a realistic appearance ensures that an STrax layout will last for years while sporting a realistic appearance not found in other S Gauge track systems.

Following the specifications of the Pennsylvania Railroad for rail, ties, ballast and grading from the 1950’s, each sectional component is designed with positive mechanical and electrical connections. Each remote controlled switch features a Bethlehem “New Century” style illuminated switch stand that rotates 90 degrees each time the switch is thrown. The integrated, built-in track roadbed provides for an easy-to-use, realistic appearance. Because the roadbed is solid, STrax is perfect for temporary carpet based layouts. The built-in roadbed prevents any dirt from staining your carpet and it comes apart easily allowing temporary layout to be disassembled in minutes.

All remote controlled switches include an illuminated controller with red and green LEDs to indicate the switch’s status (curved or straight). The controller, which is also available separately, can be used as a direct replacement for A.C. Gilbert American Flyer switches.

While the STrax system employs durable nickel-silver rails that won’t rust or oxidize in an outdoor environment, the plastic roadbed and rail ties are constructed of ABS plastic that can be compromised outdoors. Essentially, ABS plastic is not designed to withstand extreme temperature swings and can distort (in high heat) or crack in extreme cold. In addition, the plastic will tend to fade in color since it has not been treated with UV resistant paint. As a result, we do not recommend that STrax be used outdoors.

  • ABS Molded Integrated Ballasted Roadbed
  • 155# Code 125 Solid Nickel-Silver “T” Section Rails
  • Molded Wood Grain Tie Details
  • Positive Interlocking Track Connections
  • Rotating Switch Lantern with Working Light
  • Integrated Switch Motor
  • Die-Cast Metal Frog and Points With Bolt Detail
  • Remote Control Activation Switch With Operating Direction Lights
  • Compatible with American Flyer S Gauge Track
  • Fully Assembled
  • Fully Painted
  • Unit Measures:
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