Power Supply For Digitrax DSC240 & DB Boosters


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Universal Power Supply For All Digitrax Command Stations and Boosters Operating At 5 Amps.
PS715 90W AC/DC 15VDC 6 Amp Power Supply

** Free Bonus ** Also receive free with this power supply a breakout terminated connector!! This way you won’t have to cut the end off the power supply!!

For DB210, DCS100, DB150, DCS240, DCS210 and OPTO Versions
High-efficiency power supply
15 VDC output
Accepts different cord sets
Meets MEPS VI and DOE VI efficiency standards
CE for EM compatibility and IEC 60950, UL, and FCC safety requirements
Full galvanic isolation of output voltage from AC input
RoHS environmentally sensitive manufacturing
Compact and lightweight
Power indicator light
Over current and overload protected


1 Power Supply

1 North American Style Plug

1 Terminated Connector