Fox Valley Models N Scale 33" Semi Scale Wheels .553 Axle (12 pcs) 3602

$10.50 $8.72

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Fox Valley Models N Scale 33″ Semi Scale Wheels .553 Axle (12 pcs) 3602

$10.50 $8.72

Out of stock

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Fox Valley Models N Scale 33″ Wheels .553 Axle (12 pcs) 3602

Semi Scale Fine Tread Wheels

Our metal wheels are machined and blackend brass mounted on
a metal axle. One side is pressed directly on the axle and the
other side is mounted to an insulating bushing. Yep- folks have
even used them for electrical pick up too.

We offer a variety of sizes in wheel diameter and axle length to
fit a variety of rolling stock. We recommend measuring the axle
you want to replace to find the best fit.
The Semi-Scale Fine Tread wheels can be used on most handlaid track along with finer brands of
Code 55. Use these when you want to add a little extra to your fine scale models. Test first as the
narrow tread could drop into wide gauge rails and switch frogs.

Wide Tread wheels have the same fine side contour as the Semi-Scale wheels, with a little beefier
tread. These run well on almost all commercial and handlaid track and is the standard wheel used
on all FVM rolling stock along with other fine brands on the market today!

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