Massoth eMotion LS DCC Sound Decoder ~ 1.5 Amp ~ Universal Steam ~ 8211100


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Massoth eMotion LS DCC Sound Decoder ~ 1.5 Amp ~ Universal Steam ~ 8211100

The little brother of eMOTION XLS sound decoder is suited to fit significantly smaller locomotives. The function range corresponds to the XLS. Only the motor current is optimized for a single motor locomotive and the number of function connections is minimally reduced due to the size. Besides that the LS Sound Decoder has identical connectors such as clock, reed swiches, Power Buffers, loudspeaker or volume control. The easy to use sockets of the function connectors can directly operate two automatic uncouplers. The standard LGB motor cables are already fitted to the Decoder.


Small 1.5 Amp sound decoder (up to six audio channels) with 6 function outputs, suitable for 1 motor.

eMOTION LS the decoder for the little ones.
Now there is also a sound decoder for small, single-engine model trains.
The eMOTION LS sound decoder is a driving decoder combined with a high-quality sound output stage with 6 usable sound channels.
The sound output stage is of the same high quality as the big brother XLS.
Despite its minimal size, the eMOTION LS has 6 function outputs.

Of course the eMOTION LS sound decoder has the same optimal analog and digital driving characteristics as the XLS
The sound functions are available from just a few volts.
Braking via break on DC is also possible (braking via a specially polarised DC voltage.

The eMOTION LS fully supports the NMRA DCC protocol. Due to the automatic detection for LGB® MZS systems, the eMOTION LS sound decoder is also suitable for all generations of the LGB® MZS multi-pull control system.
An LGB control or Susi interface is integrated.

ORIGINAL SOUND in digital quality
The eMOTION LS sound decoder reproduces the authentic sounds of a locomotive in high-quality digital quality. For this purpose, sound recordings are made directly on the model and then adjusted in the sound laboratory for the electronics. The eMOTION LS sound decoders have a total playback time of up to 145 seconds at their disposal. This enormous storage volume is sufficient to provide the sound decoder with various additional sounds.
The volume of the 4 sound phases can be adjusted independently of each other:

  • activation phase
  • stationary noise
  • deactivation phase
  • driving noise

State-of-the-art technology and the latest procedures allow new software to be loaded directly via the programming track. This guarantees updateability for the future without various generations of programming devices and also ensures the programmability of new and future sound decoder generations.
We would like to point out once again that a sound or firmware update is only possible via our PC module (8175101)!

The LS sound decoder comes with the motor connection cable (soldered on) and the cables for light and function outputs.
It is assumed that there is a loudspeaker in the locomotive.
If this is not the case, you can order this additionally.