Rapido ~ HO Scale ~ Frisco SLSF GE U25B #803 ~ ESU DCC Sound ~ 35527

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General Electric had long been touted as a company that supplied parts for other manufacturers. That would all change with GE’s entry into a road-switcher market dominated by EMD and Alco. In the late 1950s, GE’s engineers were developing a new V16 engine. What followed was the creation of the U25B road switcher. Available in both high-nose and low-nose variants, GE would sell over 450 U25Bs to a variety of Class I railroads. The U25B would pave the way for future Universal series locomotives.

Many U25Bs lasted into the early 80s on some Class I railroads, others would find their way onto short lines such as TTI. A few made it to museums, such as SP 3100, which was the locomotive that Rapido 3D scanned (as well as spent considerable time backdating the details to reflect an un-rebuilt U25B).

The Rapido U25B locomotive will see features that have never been offered in any current U25B on the market. From correctly positioned and working class lights (both front and rear), beacons, step lights (only on low nose variants), different phase details, and specific to the road details and parts, along with the trusted silky-smooth drive, this is one locomotive you won’t want to miss out on!


Rapido’s CPR RS–18u models feature:

Phase I, II & III units represented in 1st run (Phase IV & other units will come with future runs)

Single front window style for low nose units (Double front window planned for in future runs)

Both low- & high-short hood versions

Early high- & later-low style side doors

Road specific details for each model

Different exhaust stacks (depending on roadname)

Road-specific battery box doors on engineer’s side

Road specific air cleaner boxes on rear

Lighted control stand inside cab

Different types of fuel & air tanks (depending upon version)

All-new, improved drive system for 100% reliable running in DC and DCC

DC/DCC/Sound (ESU LokSound)


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